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PostSubject: Code of Conduct   Code of Conduct I_icon_minitime28th October 2012, 8:07 pm

This community is meant as a place for people with a similar interests to come together and enjoy a good time together. Thus we have a couple of rules in place to ensure that Kimera DreamScape remains a fair and welcoming environment for everyone.

Ignorance is no excuse for breaking rules, so take your time and read through them carefully.

Arrow Be nice and respectful
You are expected to be mature, polite and friendly towards others in the community. In the case that others are unpolite or outright rude - turn the other cheek. Others being asshats is no excuse for you being one. This does not necessarily mean you have to go out of your way to help everyone and their mother, just show some respect towards those around you. This will help build a pleasant atmosphere.

Arrow No Griefing
Any blatant or persistent act to offend, harass, or generally make a player feel uncomfortable and unwelcome in the community is considered giving them "grief" and is not under any circumstances considered acceptable behavior. In certain cases, depending on the severity of the grief it could mean an instant ban. This is a community for all players to come and have fun and enjoy their time, and anyone who works to undermine that and ruin the spirit of this community for others ido not belong here.

Arrow No explicit sexual content
Forumnotion, whom hosts these forums, require those that utilize their services to do not post any material that can be considered explicitly sexual in nature. As well, this forum is meant to be welcoming also to younger roleplayers, so if you adamantly have to pursue this venue of roleplay then keep it off the boards and in private off-site chats.

Arrow Don't troll and don't spam
Continuing along the line of striving to make this a nice environment for everyone, we will not be accepting people posting for the sole reason of trolling and spamming. While you may find it funny, others might not.

Arrow No Powergaming

Arrow No Metagaming
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Code of Conduct

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