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 Media Guidelines

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PostSubject: Media Guidelines   Media Guidelines I_icon_minitime29th October 2012, 1:25 pm

To make sure that different media posted on the forum does not tear up its theme too badly, or topics and posts becomes too much of a chore for people to read, Kimera DreamScape has certain limitations to the sizes of media posted anywhere on the boards. Any media found that do not comply with the below restrictions will be removed without warning.

Arrow All Media
No media that depicts acts and poses that can be considered offensive (nudity, animal cruelty etc) is allowed. It has to be suitable for PG-13. Neither is any media with real world religious or political ties.

Arrow Avatars
Avatars cannot exceed a width or height of 200 pixels, and are not allowed to be more than 200kb in file size.

Arrow Banners & Other Signature Media
You are only allowed two pictures in your signature and their combined size cannot exceed a maximum of 500 pixels width, 150 pixels height and 200kb file size.

Arrow Images in Posts
Any images embedded in posts cannot exceed a height or width of 500 pixels. If you wish to share larger media, then post a link or a thumbnail.

Arrow Embedded Media (Youtube etc)
It is not allowed to embed any videos or similar media as they are usually heavy to load and may slow down the forums. Please post a link instead.
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Media Guidelines

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